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heavy metals chelation

  • Heavy Metals Toxicity - What Can I Do?

    Some metals are naturally present in the body and are essential for our health. For example iron prevents anemia and zinc is a cofactor in over 100 enzymatic reactions. These metals have low levels of concentration and they are called. "trace metals". In high doses they can be toxic to the body and produce shortages of other trace metals.

    A classic example is having too much zinc, which is often accompanied by a copper deficiency.

    The heavy metals are trace metals with a density at least five times higher than  water. This density makes them become stable elements that cannot be be metabolized, and bio-accumulative (which accumulate in the body).

    Among them we can include Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, aluminium, antimony, arsenic, tin, thallium, uranium, nickel, platinum, copper (the metal version and not the ion required by the body). Heavy metals have no beneficial function in the body and can be extremely toxic.

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