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The "Fulvic acid" secret of Soil Based Organisms (SBO) probiotics

The beauty of the world around us dervives from the fact that in nature nothing is neither created nor destroyed but everything is transformed.

As the famous French biologist and philosopher, Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, said « when plants or animals die, some microscopic organisms present in nature help their matter to decompose and produce different byproducts that carry a unique value »

These byproducts are absorbed by the soil and due to their organic composition they will make up the same healthy soil providing truly unique properties. Of the various by-products offered by nature one of the most beneficial is undoubtedly fulvic acid.

Fulvic Acid's benefits

Fulvic acid has a very low molecular weight which makes it bioactive allowing it to penetrate very quickly within the cells of plants and other living organisms.

For this reason,  it increases the enzyme’s activity so that cell membranes become much more permeable.[1] 

This allows water to enter the cells significantly more than normal. This is a benefit for both plants and animals because higher hydration levels allow the elimination of toxins and thefore a better detoxification.[2]

Fulvic Acid and heavy metals

Ingesting fulvic acid allows to increase the capacity of a cell to release toxic metals. Several studies have shown how this statement is true.

For example, it has been noted that alluminim levels of a fish swimming in waters where fulvic acid has been added is six times lower than normal. [3]

Fulvic Acid and brain health


There are many studies on fulvic acid and particularly,  the one carried out by the University of the International Center of Chile [4] , has shown that proper supplementation with fulvic acid and good eating habits can help to protect the brain from cognitive deterioration.

 An important example related to this substance is certainly the Shilajit which is found in the Himalayan mountains.

It is a compound resulting from the progressive decomposition of some plants and contains mainly fulvic acid; It has been confirmed that its support on brain function is decisive.

Fulvic Acid supplementation

It is clear today that massive use of fertilizers and pesticides as well as the impoverishment of the soil on a mineral level is leading to a decrease in microbial activity.

This certainly results in low quality agricultural production. The earth's products are full of wastes and have fewer nutrients such as fulvic acid.

Fortunately, it is possible to integrate fulvic acid through natural products that are avaliable on the market. A company has recently started selling bottled water with fulvic acid.

The "Fulvic acid secret" of Soil Based Organisms

Few people are aware of soil based organisms (SBO) which contain both humic and fulvic acids.

They are extracted deep in the soil where pesticides and chemicals pollutants fail to reach.

This vegetable matter, which  dervives from the decomposition of some plants, leads to the production of micronutrients and essential enzymes for our organism.

In the past, humans used to naturally ingest fulvic acids thanks to earthly products as the soil did not contain any harmful waste.

Unfortunately, today things have significantly changed due to the chemicals that modern agriculture uses. Pesticides, herbicides and all harmful substances to our health are being used for cultivation and are inevitably retained in the soil ; this deprives the soil from all its nutrients including fulvic acid.

For this reason, it is important to enrich our daily nutrition with SBO-based probiotics because it is like having two products in one: probiotics and fulvic acid.

The benefits of Fulvic Acid supplementation

The benefits of fulvic acid supplementation: elimination of toxins from the body, energy levels increase, fighting off free radicals thanks to its antioxidant power (in the first period you will probably notice very dark stools).

It also transports nutrients to the cells , increases protein metabolism by contributing to RNA and DNA synthesis, restores electrolyte balance and increases  the activity of the various enzymatic systems enhancing the immunity.

All this is found in soil-based organisms (SBO) which,  unlike other probiotics on the market,  allow you to have a complete intake from all points of view.

Matea Skubic
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My name is Matea and I am an advocate for holistic pet health. I have adored nature and animals since I was a little girl, and I am proud to take care of our pets. However, I only became interested in holistic pet health when I adopted my first dog, Luna. Today, unfortunately, more and more dogs and cats suffer from various diseases. My Luna was no exception. She suffered from allergic skin diseases and dog cough problems. I soon realised that traditional veterinary medicine was not providing enough help.

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