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Free Naturopath Health Consultings

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Don’t know which product you should buy?
Can’t understand which substance you could be lacking?
Want some suggestions for a personalized program (wellness, detoxification)?
Would you also like to receive a psychosomatic interpretation of your problem?

This Free Advice section was created to answer exactly these kinds of questions and to help you make the best purchase possible depending on your budget and personal needs.


The testimony of some of our clients: (below each testimony is the translation):

 Re: Everything fine with your order?

From: Angelo

To: Customer Services/Fitoplus/Fitopets


You are great!! I’m having more improvement now than in years of every type of care. And I “willing” still haven’t taken the “maca”, to not falsify the effects of the other components; I’ll take it next week.

Yours is a good work because although health is not everything, there’s nothing without it…


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From: Patrizia

To: Customer Services/Fitoplus

Thanks Aljaž. I'm writing only now after two months of treatment, which you advised, and I apologize, but it's a decidedly positive response.

Thank you for the words sent via email. In fact I was and am working with more energy on myself. Your words did me good and they encouraged me even more along my inner journey. I had already and I continue to read self-help books in addition to those you recommended on your website.

Right away, upon taking the recommended products, I noted a generally pleasant sense of well being. The tension in my arms and shoulders is decidedly less. I sleep well every night. I do Shiatsu regularly once a week. I find time for myself each day and my skin is softer in general and above all not dry and scaly.

I haven’t done the test of intolerance. The sensation of cold after I eat, in effect , I feel when I eat out or when I have guests and I prepare a specific menu that doesn’t call for natural products. For 3 or 4 years I have been using natural products like pasta (once a week), whole grain rice and bread. I absolutely avoid sugar and instead of milk, my breakfast is yoghurt with oats.

Thank you again for your advice. I wanted to give you a general overview of my new situation. I will continue with the products and if I feel the need, I will be in touch again.

Write you soon.




From: Carlo Trevisan
To: Customer Services/Fitoplus

Good day
My son, who lives and works in London, told me about the Fitoplus website, because I’m passionate about natural medicine. I’m always searching for the best website, characterized by competent representatives and consultants and experts, so I must say in this instance I really found Aljaž Vavpetič expert at this level and plus some.
In fact with respect to my own varied health issues, he provided me with detailed list of relevant products and very attentively also eventual publications and/or guidance on their use.
Therefore 10 points with distinction!!

All the best
Carlo Trevisan



IMPORTANT: all our clients can make use of the free naturopath counseling service via email, but in order to protect our time and to be able to continue to offer this precious service, we kindly ask you not to send to our customer service representatives unrelated questions, such as proposals of business cooperation, etc.. This type of questions will simply be ignored.

Anyone wishing to pose general questions about any of our products or share their personal experiences please use this form



Anyone instead wishing advice for a personalized program must first complete a short questionnaire, with which we can discern your relevant needs more quickly. The more precise the answers, the better will be our service. If necessary after the questionnaire we will ask additional in depth information via email, to render the counseling more personalized. All the data will be treated with the maximum privacy.