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  • The Extraordinary Benefits of Cold Showers

    Taking a cold shower every day can seem terrifying to those who have never done it  whereas a veteran enjoys the experience so much that he may no longer take hot showers!

    The practice of cold showering is rooted in the tradition of different nations and has gone through different periods.
    Russian, Finnish, Thai, Korean, Japanese and many other populations have practiced it and still practice cold showering; open shower with fresh wateralthough it may sound like a ritual  there is a lot more to it.

    Indeed, many are the benefits that you can get (here and here some scientific support) when embracing this ancient practice. For those who decide to get aquainted with this practice our advice would be to take a step at a time. Begin with the usual warm shower and finish with 5 seconds of cold water on the whole body.

    As the weeks go by you will slowly get to two minutes or more up to the point of using only cold water (you will still have benefits even if you do not give up hot water completely ).

    It is important not to rush into it but to slowly get used to the temperature change in order to avoid any problems.

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