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Who we are

Aljaz Vavpetic: founder, naturopath and counselor

The world of food supplements can be confusing and choosing the right product of the highest quality and purity is most of the time a mix of guessing and hoping that it will work. My mission is to solve this issue by searching, studying and updating myself about health, diet and supplement ingredients, being obsessively (but in a balanced way, I hope!) attentive to choose only products that you can trust, without harmful or potentially harmful ingredients/preservatives, and that deliver the results you've been searching for at a cellular level as this is where our physical wellbeing starts.
Author of "Holistic Guide for Health", a document with a holisic approach to health that is constantly updated, and has over 100 natural protocols, of "Holistic Guide for Pets Health", of the +400 page book "Grab Your Life Through Your Hair" about how to treat and prevent hari loss, and the book "Sexual Power Program", where the causes of loss of the libido in en are explored and treated naturally.

Klemen Znidar: eCommerce Manager

With the passion for internet technologies, I quickly realized that people who spend most of their days in front of a computer (like myself) need to work extra hard to keep the healthy lifestyle. This is how FitoPETS and FitoPLUS was an instant perfect fit for me. I make sure everything is running smoothly and take extra care to create the best possible experience browsing and buying on our website.

Giulia Maestro: Customer Service

I have always been interested in the issues of nutrition and natural health for both men and animals. In my professional experiences I have dealt with communication and contact with the public and therefore my commitment is to provide users with assistance for the technical aspects and to promote timely and prompt communication when there is the need to receive a specific advice.

Massimiliano Grimaldi: professional journalist, CONI certified trainer (FIPCF), fitness and diet expert

I'm passionate about optimizing training techniques combined with balanced and powerful diet and supplements, for athletes and for people you just simply want to feel good. I enjoy making online health videos on Youtube and I believe I'm part of a company that has the best interest at heart for their customers!

Patricia De Souza: Naturopath, health educator, wellness writer and bionatural disciplines operator

I have always been passioned about natural remedies, phytotherapy, and superfoods. I'm constantly studying and updating, to know the latest news, the latest scientific research that can improve the quality of our lives, both for us humans and our beloved four-legged friends. I believe in the power of words and I'm fully convinced a message can inform and even transform people, helping them to acquire a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. Fitoplus/Fitopets is a company that selects and is always looking for the best products for the health and the well-being of people and pets. This is the passion that unites us: we are wellness researchers and we want to share our knowledge with you.