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s.a. Wilsons (coffee enema)

the best mix for enema use;

contains up to 48% more of caffeine and up to 87% more of palmitic acid;

 coffee used by the Gerson Institute;

from certified organic origin.

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Product Description

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s.a.Wilsons coffee

Reviewed on 1/26/2016
Dear friends,
Just a note to let you know that we love your product and appreciate all your efforts.
So thank you for everything you do.

Great product

Reviewed on 11/30/2015
Definitely amazing! Deep cleansing and then a feeling of better attentiveness and calm. Highly recommended!


Valentino panaccio
Reviewed on 10/3/2015


Additional Information


 How do I prepare a coffee enema with this product?

Below you will find a basic recipe for a coffee enema. If you are following a particular program or are you being treated by a therapist or a doctor who recommends a different recipe, be sure to follow the instructions you received from the therapist or doctor.

In a pot or saucepan not of aluminum:

Prepare 1 liter of filtered or distilled water with 1-3 tablespoons of coffee (start with 1 tablespoon or less).

Stir the coffee to make sure you mix well in water, then bring to a boil and boil for 1 to 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Lower the heat, cover the pot or pan with a lid and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and cool the coffee at room temperature. The ideal temperature of the enema should be between 36.5°C and 37.5°C.
Filter the coffee through a strainer* to remove the largest possible number of coffee grains. Before using make sure to get all the air out of the tube. Use one liter of enema or, if too much for beginners, use a 500ml enema.

 With coffee enemals you must remain still on one side of the body for 12-15 min (do not make other movements to get the coffee more in depth) and then evacuate. The important thing is to leave the coffee for at least 12 minutes. If after a week of daily enemas you do not hear or feel like a release of the gall bladder, consider increasing the dose of coffee, but do not exceed 3 tablespoons per liter of water. 

* Avoid using a paper filter or a cloth to filter the coffee as it removes many more grains, most of the main elements, including cafestol, which will be lost.


The coffee can be left at room temperature up to 8 hours and then heated for use. It can also be prepared and left in refrigerator up to a week and then heated for use.


Warning: although this is a milder coffee for the colon compared to regular coffee, it can still cause irritation in people suffering from hemorrhoids. If after a few enemas you have a nervousness reaction, hyperactivity or palpitations, sleep disorders, you are probably using a too large dose. In this case, stop, wait a few days, and then resume by reducing the dose by half and/or do immediately after an enema only with filtered water. Be careful not to let the liquid in too quickly and do not insert the probe too deeply or you will increase the absorption of caffeine. If it still creates problems, try to do it in the morning with the lowest dose.




In general the coffee enema should be repeated 2-3 times a week. If intended to make us an enema a day, you MUST take a multi supplement as the Vita Min Herb or the Tonic Alchemy, always listen to the reaction of your body and consult with your doctor first. In case of daily enema it is recommended to take the Chanca Piedra.
It is suggested also to make another enema with water, baking soda and salt to remove any remaining toxins in the colon.
Use is not recommended for those who only feeds on fruits and vegetables.

 If still felt some discomfort, do not go and talk with your doctor.

Come preparo un clistere di caffè con il prodotto?

A seguire troverete una ricetta base per un clistere di caffè. Se si sta seguendo un determinato programma o siete in cura da un terapeuta o da un medico che consiglia una ricetta diversa, assicuratevi di seguire le istruzioni che avete ricevuto dal terapeuta o dal medico.

In una pentola o casseruola non di alluminio:

Preparare 1 litro di acqua filtrata o distillata con 1-3 cucchiai raso di caffè biologico (iniziare con 1 cucchiaio o meno). 
Agitare il caffè per assicurarsi che si mescoli bene nell’acqua, quindi portare a ebollizione e far bollire da 1 a 3 minuti, mescolando ogni tanto.
Abbassare la fiamma, coprire la pentola o casseruola con un coperchio e lasciar cuocere a fuoco lento per 15 minuti. Togliere dal fornello e lasciare raffreddare il caffè a temperatura ambiente. La temperatura ideale del clistere dovrebbe essere fra i 36,5°C e i 37,5°C.
Filtrare il caffè attraverso un colino* per rimuovere il maggior numero possibile di grani di caffè. Prima dell'applicazione fate uscire l'aria dal tubo. Usare tutto il litro oppure, se non riuscite inizialmente tanto, usare 500ml per clistere.

Col clistere al caffè si deve rimanere fermi su un lato del corpo per 12-15 min (non fare altri movimenti per far entrare il caffè più in profondità) e poi evacuare. L'importante è lasciare agire il caffè per almeno 12 minuti. Se dopo una settimana di clisteri quotidiani non sentite o percepite come una scarica della cistifellia, considerate di aumentare la dose di caffè, ma non superare i 3 cucchiai raso per litro di acqua.


*Evitare l'uso di un filtro di carta o stoffa per filtrare il caffè in quanto rimuove molti più grani, gran parte degli elementi principali quali il cafestolo andranno persi utilizzando stoffa o carta.

Il caffè può essere lasciato a temperatura ambiente fino a 8 ore e poi scaldato per l'uso. Può anche essere preparato e lasciato in frigorifero fino ad una settimana e poi scaldato per l'uso.

nonostante questo sia un caffè più delicato per il colon rispetto al caffè normale, può comunque causare irritazione in chi soffre di emorroidi. Se dopo alcuni clisteri avete come reazione nervosismo, iperattività o palpitazioni, disturbi al sonno, probabilmente state usando una dose troppo elevata. In questo caso fermatevi, attendere qualche giorno, e poi riprendere riducendo la dose della metà e/o fare subito dopo un clistere solo con acqua filtrata. Stare attenti a non lasciar entrare il liquido troppo velocemente e di non inserire la sonda troppo in profondità, altrimenti aumenterete l'assorbimento della caffeina. Se ancora vi crea disturbi, cercate di farlo la mattina con la dose minima.

In generale il clistere al caffè andrebbe ripetuto 2-3 volte alla settimana. Se intendiamo farci un clistere al giorno, è OBBLIGATORIO assumere un multi integratore come il Vita Min Herb oppure il Tonic Alchemy, ascoltate sempre la reazione del vostro corpo e confrontatevi prima col vostro medico. In caso di clisteri quotidiani si consiglia di assumere la Chanca Piedra.
Viene suggerito anche di fare un altro clistere con l'acqua, bicarbonato e sale per eliminare eventuali tossine rimaste nel colon.
Si sconsiglia l'uso per chi si alimenta di solo frutta e verdura.

Se avvertite ancora dei disagi, non proseguire e parlatene col proprio medico. 


Only organic coffee treated specifically for enemas. No additives, dyes, or thickeners.
One box contains 453 grams of coffee.



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s.a.Wilsons coffee

Reviewed on 1/26/2016
Dear friends,
Just a note to let you know that we love your product and appreciate all your efforts.
So thank you for everything you do.
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Great product

Reviewed on 11/30/2015
Definitely amazing! Deep cleansing and then a feeling of better attentiveness and calm. Highly recommended!
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Valentino panaccio
Reviewed on 10/3/2015
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great product

Valentino Panaccio
Reviewed on 9/11/2015
Generally very satisfied. Thanks!
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Top effect!

Reviewed on 8/6/2015
From a first experience (4 times over 2 months) I would say that coffee’s enema works both on the physical and the psychological level.
The more toxins are removed the greater is the well-being experienced both during and after the practice.
This is the concrete indicator that the body is detoxifying. It will certainly become a normal "maintenance" practice for life !
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the best

Reviewed on 4/23/2015
It was my first purchase on fitoplus and I was surprised by the effectiveness of this product. Absolutely natural, detoxifying and without the side effects of those made with 100% arabic organic coffee. A well-being infusion. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Reviewed on 9/15/2014
Though hesitant at the beginning and with some doubts I have now become a convincing spreader of the this practice’s benefits.
The feeling of calm after the treatment is unimaginable! Everyone should try it ...
I've finished my Wilson coffee stock ... Please fill it out soon!
Thank you
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Reviewed on 8/21/2014
This product is really extraordinary,
Of incredible efficacy, I have already done 15 enemas with traditional coffee and they were all effective.
However , the first enema I did with Wilsons green coffee, gave me an incredible energy and every time I do it I feel better during the whole day.
It is an essential detoxification therapy that needs to be rediscovered.
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Great liver cleanse!

Reviewed on 5/5/2014
I had never tried coffee enemas even if I periodically used enemas with baking soda or with lemon juice.
I have to say that I was surprised by the post-enema sensation.
Following the recommended procedure there are no side effects, not even the agitation that caffeine can cause sometimes.
Indeed I personally feel a sense of calm, as if the stress went away with the cleansing itself 
Great method for liver cleanse.
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1) our selection of supplements are searched and verified by our Naturopaths, which are the most appassionate professionals in natural and organic ingredients. Naturopaths love herbs and whatever no side effect treatments Mother Nature has to offer. They study ingredients with passion. It’s connnected with their life mission, with their soul, therefore it’s effortless and not money driven.

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When we sell a product with magnesium stearate, we ask the manufacturer the heavy metal lab analysis of the vegetable oils they use to produce magnesium stearate. If it is ok, we accept the product – this is how far we go to ensure safety to our clients.

4) we obviously cannot check personally the ingredients and the production processes of all facilities worldwide, but instead we do choose brands with GMP (Good Manufacturing Policy) certification or HACCP certification, which guarantees maximum safety and quality. Where GMP certification is not necessary, we request the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets).

5) we always verify how does the manufacturer extract the ingredient, what is the technological process he uses, because it can downgrade the ingredient or considerably enhance it. The final result is the rate of cellular absorption of the ingredient. Everything depends on whether your cells can access and use the supplements you take, and at what percentage. If your absorption rate is low, you are literally throwing away your money through the window. We passionately focus on offering products with the highest possible absorption rate at a cellular level. 

6) we constantly verify the market in search of new products which could be superior than the ones we already sell. When we do, we frequently switch to the new product, letting go of the previous one, even if we were selling it well. That is how badly we want to offer only the best of the best, at the cost of even losing some clients, because not everyone likes changing to a new and better solution, even if vastly superior.

Another reason why we do this is because we want to minimize your “stress of choice”. Choosing between five liver cleanse products is more time consuming, than choosing the only one available. When you see that one and only product for a symptom or discomfort, you already know you’re choosing the best, and no extra search and evaluation is needed, even though we always encourage it. 

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