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PerfectAmino (amino acids MAP)

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the most effective aminoacid supplement on the market;

provides a 99% net nitrogen utilization;

does NOT produces ammonia as a side effect as other protein supplements;

only 1% glucose production;

150 capsules or 190 gr.

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Product Description

Product description

PERFECTAMINO® - Master Amino Acid Pattern

8 essential amino acids (free and crystalline) for a perfect nutritional protein!*
PerfectAmino contains the same blend of amino acids as that disclosed (or claimed) in INRC’s patent covering its MAP product. Patent US 5132113 


PerfectAmino® is a pure food and consists of 100% pure amino acids, free and crystal clear.

PerfectAmino® offers 100% bioavailability and digestibility.

PerfectAmino® provides an optimal ratio of 8 essential amino acids for human diet model: L-leucine (19.6%), L-valine (16.6%), L-isoleusina (14.8%), L-lysine (14, 3%), L-phenylalanine (12.9%), L-threonine (11.1%), L-methionine (7.0%), L-tryptophan (3.7%).

PerfectAmino® reaches 99% of the net nitrogen utilization, that is, the nutritive value of protein (NNU2 - Net-Nitrogen-Utilization).

PerfectAmino® consequently it generates only 1% of nitrogen catabolites (ammonia/urea) arising excretion and only 1% glucose due to protein metabolism.

PerfectAmino® has almost no calories (only 0.4 kcal with 10 tablets), but introduced into the body the same amount of amino acids that can be used effectively as eg 350 grams of meat, fish or poultry.

PerfectAmino® absorbed in the small intestines in maximum 23 minutes and does not release waste in the gut due to digestion. It is already dissociated and requires no catalytic enzymes (peptidases). The period of transition in the body of common food proteins takes about 5 to 13 times more.

PerfectAmino® extracted from legumes not genetically modified and contains no additives or doping substances, it is not a medicine and is tolerated without limitations.


The discovery of the Master Aminoacid Pattern (PerfectAmino®) - the composition of the amino acids specific to humans

In 31 years of research, Dr. Luca-Moretti has found that all living things have their own specific composition of amino acids, including man; an amino acid exclusive model, which allows to achieve maximum protein synthesis. So that it can take place, the synthesis of body proteins (i.e. amino acids that can be used as the building blocks for cell metabolism) all the 8 essential amino acids must be present, at the same time and in the exact specific amino acid composition of the organism.

Only then, if there are 8 essential amino acids at the same time and in the exact reciprocal relationship, the body can build body proteins optimally. In any other case, the value NNU (net use nitrogen)/value of production decreases and consequently increases the load of substances derived from the breakdown of nitrogen (ammonia), which must then be disposed of by the organs of degradation (liver, kidneys). The degradation of amino acids that cannot be used for the synthesis of body proteins, produces toxic nitrogen catabolites, but also energy in the form of glucose.

The more the percentage and the ratio of the 8 essential amino acids between them deviate from the optimal model, the lower the protein value, or the net assimilation of the nitrogen (NNU) of a source of dietary protein, the higher, however, is the percentage of nitrogen catabolites. The inverse relationship between the nutritional value of protein (NNU) and Energy, and its nitrogen catabolites toxic load, is shown in graph above by the percentage and the ratio of the 8 essential amino acids.


PerfectAmino® represents a revolution for the nutritional intake of protein

Dr. Luca-Moretti has conducted research on this Master Amino Acid Pattern in the International Nutrition Research Center (INRC) Florida. Today its used also as a combination of amino acids PerfectAmino®, as pure food for the nutritional protein intake, that is for the supply of nutrients.
PerfectAmino® is a unique optimal formulation, designed according to the specific composition of the amino acids of the body. This means that PerfectAmino® provides the eight essential amino acids in free and cystalline form in this ratio, for human use. For this reason PerfectAmino® reaches the highest nutritional value of protein in the world, with 99% NNU, that is to say that almost all the amino acids can be used for the synthesis of proteins, therefore for the cytogenesis (anabolic) of the body. Consequently, PerfectAmino® produces nitrogen catabolites in a minimum quantity, that is 1% - when compared to soy protein providing 17% NNU and 83% of metabolic degradation (see chart). Dr. Luca-Moretti explained these correlations in a scientific study.


PerfectAmino® has almost no calories, because the metabolic degradation of 1% can produce only 1% glucose. People who have to maintain a regimen low in carbohydrates (eg with high blood sugar), can greatly reduce the amount of substances containing glucose, replacing protein food with PerfectAmino®. Furthermore, PerfectAmino® requires no catalytic enzymes and is available to be used in blood already after 23 minutes.


PerfectAmino, acidosis and the link with disease prevention

The excess of acid, as ammonia, is according to Dr. Robert Young of Califonia (USA) the leading cause of ALL fundamental disease. A high protein diet based on an excess of meat, sausages, fish, dairy products lead over time to an alkalinization of the intestines, alteration of the intestinal flora, with increased production of ammonia resulting in liver poisoning.

Ammonia is a powerful cellular poison, which inhibits cellular respiration or energy production in mitochondria. As we observed above, we assume any protein source as food, in the best cases (with chicken eggs) produce 52% of nitrogenous waste, while for example with vegetable proteins even come to 83%! This unfortunately makes us understand that our body can not use all the amino acids and the excess is converted into nitrogen. At the cellular level this toxic excess is expelled as ammonia, which then goes to the liver to convert into uric acid, which then is filtered in the kidneys and eliminated in the form of urine, but unfortunately not without consequences.

It's not just the blood, liver and kidneys to pay the price, but the entire body, including the brain that can be damaged caused by excess ammonia that can manifest as fatigue, irritability, nervousness, impaired neuro-motor coordination. If, therefore, the PerfectAmino® is consumed as a protein meal replacement or as a protein supplement, both of animal and vegetable origin, it reduces the workload of the liver and kidneys, important aspect both for those who have problems with these excretory organs, and for athletes under pressure who already put under stress liver and kidneys (which is why everyone recommend drinking protein supplements after training, while the PerfectAmino® can be used both before and after).

Acidosis may be the primary cause of osteoporosis and tooth decay, which represent our mineral reserves, known as neutralizers of acidity (thus why it's recommended to drink fresh vegetable juice that are rich in minerals) , which unfortunately, in cases of insufficient minerals, they are used to transport these toxins out of the body, weakening the body of minerals even more. Acidosis is also linked to all cases of inflammation (articular, intestinal, allergies, etc.).


Many people (unknowingly) are deficient in protein, especially vegans, but also people following an omnivorous diet. We often forget that the amino acids, together with the good fats, are the main producers of hormones, and a hormonal unbalance is very often connected to a low introduction of quality protein. Supplementing PerfectAmino® to your diet can only be beneficial in the long term, since it is sold since 1993, no side effects found, even in cases of prolonged daily use (years), so it is one of the supplements fundamental to our well being.


Finally, according to Dr. Luca-Moretti, why we suffer so much overweight is because of water retention and accumulation of sodium in the tissues due to protein deficiency or to low-quality protein, which causes an increase in osmotic pressure in the bloodstream. The osmotic pressure depends on the concentration of mineral salts in the blood, which as we saw earlier, are reduced in cases of acidosis. Consequently the water and sodium remain stuck at the intracellular level hoping to restore the osmotic pressure. Obviously this is not the only reason why we are overweight, but it certainly is one of the lesser known causes and that should always be considered for a weight loss program.

All product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or by the Ministry of Health.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Additional Information



Start with 10 capsules per day for at least the first 3 or 4 months to restore the levels of hormone production, then depending on the diet, the amount of physical activity and your own personal feeling, keep the same strength or reduce. The capsules may be taken together or divided in 2 or 3 times. Do not take more than 10 capsules at a time because the body fails to use them optimally.

As maintenance take 1 to 3 times daily 3-6 tablets with sufficient  liquid, preferably before meals. Increased intake may ne needed in case of agonistic/intense sport, then follow the instructions of your nutritionist, trainer, doctor or naturopath.

If you replace all sources of animal protein (vegans) with the PerfectAmino (recommended) as a guideline for the dosage used the following formula: height in cm minus 100 cm x 0.8 x 0.4 for women, and less than 100 cm height in cm x 0.9 x 0.4 for men. So if the height of a woman is 170 cm, 100 cm must be deducted, so now we have a total of 70 cm, then multiply by 0.8 and then again to 0.4, and it shows that 22.4 tablets a day of PerfectAmino are sufficient in the absence of physical activity (1 hour walk is fine). You can use this calculation even if you eat animal protein, obviously reducing the dosage because with animal protein the use of NNU is higher, but also bear in mind an increase in protein consumption in the event of physical activity. Even if one is 200 cm high, never exceed 30 PerfectAminos per day, unless you're under medical supervision.


There are no restrictions or intolerances to use PerfectAmino®. People with severe deficiencies of protein or protein malnutrition may, however, feel the effects of regulation and anabolism, especially in the muscles and joints. In this case it is recommended to reduce consumption, to "gradually introduce" the PerfectAmino® and increase the amount slowly, eg in a similar way to people with severe dehydration.

One box contains 150 capsules.


Start with 1 scoop per day (6,36 grams) for at least the first 3 or 4 months to restore the levels of hormone production, then depending on the diet, the amount of physical activity and your own personal feeling, keep the same strength or reduce. The powder may be taken together or divided in 2 or 3 times. Do not take more than 1 scoop at a time because the body fails to use them optimally.

As maintenance take 1 to 3 times daily one third scoop or more with sufficient  liquid, preferably before meals. Increased intake may ne needed in case of agonistic/intense sport, then follow the instructions of your nutritionist, trainer, doctor or naturopath.

One box contains 190,60 grams in powder form.


100% pure amino acids, free and crystalline (none merely hydrolyzed!) (Protein components) of vegetable origin and not genetically modified (legumes), that is L-leucine (19.6%), L-valine (16.6%), L-isoleusina (14.8%), L-lysine (14.3%), L-phenylalanine (12.9%), L-threonine (11.1%), L-methionine (7.0%), L-triptophan (3.7%), without further additives.


MAP® is devoid of any additive or doping substance.
MAP® is not a medicine but food of highest purity.


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