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Cod liver oil EVCLO (90 softgels)

raw and wild cod liver oil;

the only company that catches its own fish;

not heated or chemicals added;

livers are always fresh;

full of fatty acids and antioxidants.

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Product Description



3 softgels 500mg per day. Do not store in the refrigerator and keep away from direct sunlight. 
One bottle has 90 softgels.

Pets: if necessary cut the softgel with a sharp knife and mix with food. 



If contact with the oil creates allergic reactions, consult a doctor. Always seek the advice of your doctor if you take higher doses of those recommended, or if you have infants or if pregnant, if you suffer from diabetes, allergies to fish or iodine, if you use coagulants, whether you're about to undergo surgery, if you are diagnosed with a cardiovascular problem, if you lose blood, and if you have any immune system dysfunction. Keep away from children. If your child has never tried fish oil so far, it should first apply a little on the skin (eg leg).


100% wild and raw cod liver oil (Gadus morhua).



Click here to read a more detailed nutritional analysis.


NOTE: we do not sell the EVCLO liquid version anymore, because everytime you open the bottle the ingredients start to slightly oxidate, the taste can be unpleasant for most people, it is mandatory to keep in the refridgerator and sometimes at delivery the oil was spilled in the box. We find this gelatin capsule version superior and more practical.



The Original Primal Superfood

Most commercial pharmaceutical grade cod liver oils have undergone heavy industrial processing before making it to the market. This is a process that degrades the oil, damaging the fragile unsaturated fatty acids and destroying all the beneficial properties and valuable nutrients contained within the oil. As a result, many companies choose to add synthetic vitamins back into the oil. The result is a product that is very different from the one found in nature. Is such fish oil natural?

At Rosita Real Foods™ we do things differently. Our cod liver oil is obtained from sustainably harvested fish living in the wild, pure waters of the ancient Norwegian Fjords. The handcrafted extraction process we use is an age-old method that has roots all the way back to the Viking era. Rosita Real Foods™ cod liver oil is totally unrefined, unprocessed, never heated and never exposed to chemicals. It is the freshest, rawest and most authentic cod liver oil that we know, supplying ‘wild & raw’ nutrients at the levels nature intended. A genuine raw superfood! Our cod liver oil is also free of hazardous levels of contaminants.

Our Story

Rosita Real Foods™ is a small family run artisanal company born in the remote areas of Norway where wildlife is abundant, the air is clean and the waters are pure. Its pristine areas remain unspoilt and untouched by the ravages of civilization. A true living paradise on earth!

Our goal was to produce genuine wild & raw liver oils of the same quality that our ancestors, the Nordic Vikings and old Scandinavian fishermen, consumed. We were able to accomplish this using an age-old method which captures the freshness and health benefits of fish liver oil. This method requires absolutely No Heat, Steam, or Chemicals whatsoever.

All members of our family participated in the production process, thus preserving the traditional Nordic method. Very soon word spread about our unique oils and we began to distribute them further afield. As a result we founded Rosita Real Foods™, and started to produce genuine wild & raw ratfish liver oil and then cod liver oil. We quickly found that many people shared the same passion about the quality of fish liver oils as we did.

Our Philosophy

At Rosita Real Foods™, we aim to bring you exceptional products as pure and close to their natural state as possible, and in an optimal nutritional state. These include the oils that we have personally produced and also products we have sourced from the very best authentic artisan producers that we have built long-term relationships with.

Founded by Traditional Norwegians

Some of our team are fishermen, having come from a long line of Norwegians who originally went to sea in rowing boats; with fishing histories stretching all the way back to whaling days. They have spent years fishing in the wild, pristine Norwegian waters for cod, trout, and other regional species, and are intent on maintaining and preserving the fishing methods of their forefathers.

Still other members of our team enjoy guiding people through the world of holistic healing. We all have a genuine love for the great outdoors and anything wild, in particular wild foods.


We are honoured to partner with scientific experts and leading researchers in marine oils that support us in our quest to produce supreme quality unadulterated oils. We have also formed alliances with several Universities and Research Institutes interested in our oils because they are the first authentic fresh & raw liver oils to have come out of Norway in a long time.

We Never Use Imported Livers

Many companies that produce liver oils import their fish livers. They may also receive livers from a variety of fish species. There is absolutely no substitute for going out and harvesting the fish yourself. Only then can you have full control over every stage of liver oil production, from harvesting the wild fish, to choosing the livers, capturing the oil and doing the bottling.
In addition, we have also built direct alliances with artisan fishers that use small traditional open boats to help us harvest the wild in greater numbers.

Our cod liver oil is prepared from raw fresh livers of the codfish - Gadus morhua - the same species the Ancient Nordic Vikings used. Only perfectly healthy fresh livers coming from 100% pure codfish of a specific weight are selected. In addition, the livers themselves must be of a certain appearance and colour for the production of our cod liver oils. Diseased, lean, or slightly decomposed livers are rejected. It requires great expertise to identify the correct livers for usage - a technique that goes back to the Viking era.

Taking Cod Liver Oil Back to Its Roots

Cod liver oil in its natural form is contained in the liver cells of a codfish. To break down the cells and release the oil various methods have been used in the past, including the use of heat, chemicals, steam, Peter Möller’s method of rendering, and even allowing the oil to escape from liver tissue which is allowed to disintegrate and decompose in an extremely slow manner.

However, these methods are not the only way to release the oil from a codfish liver. There is a relatively unknown Age-Old Method which can be used to ‘capture’ the oil from fresh cod liver. This method, which was favoured by the Norwegian Vikings, produces cod liver oil that is identical to the oil which is present in a ‘living’ codfish liver. T

he livers are never subjected to chemicals, solvents, heat, steam, or Peter Möller’s method. And they are certainly never allowed to decompose/putrefy. Instead, the principles of nature herself are used to capture the oil.

The Method

The ancient Nordic people observed that a fish livers appearance, oil content, and various properties of the oil itself vary considerably with the time of year the fish are caught. They also noted that ‘midsummer’ and ‘midwinter’ are the two extremes in the spectrum of liver and oil changes. These observations allowed them to mimic & use nature to rupture the liver cells and capture the pure raw oil inside, while the livers are perfectly fresh and in most instances very soon after the codfish are harvested.

The traditional ancient method actually preserves the full quality of the oil which retains its synergistic spectrum of naturally-occurring fatty acids, nutrients, and minor components. The captured oil is then encapsulated, or entirely bottled by hand, in its whole, naturally-balanced form. The oil is in the exact form as it exists in the liver of a living codfish. It also contains the same inherent constituents and nutrients. It is for these reasons that we chose to revive this ancient method, which has been lost in time, and finally take cod liver oil back to its very ancient roots.

Pale Coloured

The oil from the liver of a living codfish is nearly devoid of colour, odour, and flavour. It has only a slightly fishy but not a rancid odour, and a bland fish-like but not disagreeable taste. The colour is pale yellow or transparent. This is not to be confused with the pale oils obtained by refining which are very different.

Thick & Cloudy

Because our oil is completely unadulterated and unprocessed, never heated or exposed to chemicals, it contains all the fatty acids that are naturally present in a ‘living’ codfish liver. As a result it can become very thick and cloudy when refrigerated or frozen, which merely indicates the presence of saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. Simply shake the bottle gently before each use.

Wild & Raw Nutrients

As a truly wild & raw food, artisan produced cod liver oil is not a standardized product and may vary in shade and taste. We therefore cannot guarantee that every bottle you buy from us will be the same as the last, but we can guarantee that it will always be of an exceptional quality. Our cod liver oil is free from synthetic nutrients and contains all of the potent, naturally occurring biologically active nutrients which make it effective, and in the exact form present in a living codfish liver.

For example, vitamin A is predominately in the retinol form and vitamin D is predominately in the cholecalciferol (D3) form. It also has a low ratio of vitamin A to vitamin D. Rosita Real Foods™ cod liver oil contains a complete range of raw omega fats including omega 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 11 fats. It is particularly rich in the long-chain omega-3s (EPA and DHA) which are also known as essential fats because the body cannot make them from scratch but must get them from food.

Omega-3 fats are important components of cell membranes, and play a crucial role in building cell membranes in the brain. They provide the starting point from which some hormones are made, including ones that regulate inflammation, blood pressure and blood clotting. They can also modify gene expression.

We will perform analytical testing on our wild & raw oils to satisfy our customers’ curiosity. However, the vitamin potency and unsaturated condition of raw cod-liver oil differs from season to season, and is also dependent on the age of a fish and character of food available. Our aim is to provide the same high quality fats that our ancestors consumed without trying to increase levels of nutrients.

Did you know for example that some manufacturers use a mixture of cod and halibut livers to produce fish liver oils in an attempt to increase levels of fat-soluble vitamins! Our cod liver oil contains all the nutrients that are naturally present in the liver of a living codfish – nothing more and nothing less. We make no attempt to alter the nutritional composition in any way. Nature dictates the nutrient levels and that is how it should be.

Why Use Antioxidants?

Because of the highly unsaturated character of cod liver oil, it is very susceptible to rancidity and rapidly acquires a putrid taste and smell when exposed to air. The Nordic Vikings actually used varies antioxidant rich plants which they felt would somehow protect the oil and increase its shelf-life. The oil was then stored in the cold Norwegian environment. We use miniscule amounts of organic wild rosemary and vitamin E from organic seeds to help protect and increase the shelf-life of our truly raw cod liver oils.

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Reviewed on 6/26/2017
Excellent product and as described.
Really happy with the service and price.
Highly recommended
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My Review

Reviewed on 6/26/2017
I have rated this product with 5 stars!
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Excellent product

Reviewed on 3/11/2017
The capsules are easy to swallow and there's no fishy aftertaste after taking them. We were very happy to receive the product just a few days after placing our order and we plan to reorder. Great e-shop!
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Amazing product, but beware the taste...

Reviewed on 12/11/2016
I love Rosite EVCLO and without a doubt this is a super high quality product. I just can't stand the taste! But other family members are OK with it. I will definitely be getting it again for the amazing health benefits, I credit it with keeping me healthy throughout the whole winter.

Admin comment

Thanks for the review! Soon we will have the same oil in vegicaps, so the taste won't be an issue anymore. ;)
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Reviewed on 5/8/2015
I took the first teaspoon before breakfast and I must say that it gave me an energy boost and good mood. very satisfied!
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Reviewed on 3/14/2015
High quality product. Great. Thank you.
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Cod Liver Oil EVCLO

Reviewed on 2/27/2015
High quality product, it does not have any fish smell but just a « sea odor » and the price is justifiecd by the extraordinary care in the production, 100% ecologically sustainable.
It is the best cod liver oil currently on the world market.
Some further information about the ancient history of the product, the fishing methods and a detailed laboratory analysis is available on the company's website. Thank you.
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