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Terms and Conditions

General Conditions:

Access to this site and use thereof, i.e. the products and available services, are subject to the following conditions:

Access to this site is temporary and we reserve the right to revoke or modify the services without notification. We do not assume any responsibility if for any reason the site is unavailable for some period. Furthermore we reserve the right to limit access to any part of this site. In order to process an order the information provided by a client needs to be correct.

At and at only products and dietary supplements that conform to European Union directives are on sale: none of the present products on the site require a medical prescription.

Privacy Protection:

The personal data requested when an order is made are collected and used to satisfy the expressed request of the client and will not in any case be released to a third party.

Your data can be used for:
- Processing the order
- Providing a timely, efficient and reliable newsletter service
- Opening and managing your account or the status of your order
- Keeping you informed about your accounts or the status of your order and the levels of discounts provided
- Keeping you abreast with any updates or changes on our site
- Offering a personalized buying experience

When you complete an order and submit your data, you automatically consent to the above-mentioned use. We don’t record sensitive information regarding you without explicit consent. and guarantee its clients to respect the norms related to handling of personal data, according to the privacy code DL 196 del 30/06/03. The owner of the processed data is Fitopets, Aljaz Vavpetic, C/ Emeterio Gonzalez Arbelo, 35100 San Bartolomè de Tirajana, Las Palmas, Spain.


By Visa or MasterCard credit cards, or prepaid debit cards, via, or by bank wire.

We remind you that the entire transaction happens on the server of the bank, so we don’t receive any information about your credit card accept for the reporting of a successful transaction.

Bank transfers from banking accounts will be processed at the moment of ordering:
To the attention of:
Fitopets, Aljaz Vavpetic, C/ Emeterio Gonzalez Arbelo, 35100 Montana La Data, Las Palmas, 
Memo: order n.______ 
IBAN: ES93 2100 5651 8302 0017 8112 
A bank transfer is a payment method that lengthens the processing of the order, and thus its delivery, because the order can only be finalized once the transfer sum is deposited into the Spanish bank account.


In the same way that we select our products, we have selected our couriers: all of our shipments, are wrapped and packed with care within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your orders from all over Europe. By using the best couriers, which offer efficient and trustworthy service, we can trace the delivery of a parcel from its departure to its arrival. At the moment of purchase we at and become your authorized shipping agent for providing delivery. The products are sold ex-warehouse directly to your home.

All orders are generally processed the same day late afternoon, while those arriving at night are processed the next day. Shipments travel via land transport every day (excluding weekend and holidays). In the case where a problem arises during transport and the parcel does not arrive at its destination within the expected timeframe, we request that the delivery delay is signaled in a timely fashion so we can resolve the problem as quickly as possible.
Please note: We request that you not ask about the status of an order, processing or shipping, within 48 hours of ordering. An order made on Friday will be processed Monday evening. The order will only be visible on the GLS website by late evening.

The shipping is provided by GLS shipping agent from aboard and so the expected delivery time depends on country destinations. The cost of shipping varies according to country destination (see “Shipping Costs”). Payment on delivery is not possible. The shipping is provided by a GLS shipping agent from aboard.

Product information:

We retain the right to refuse product orders for which the published information is incorrect, including prices and promotions. An order may also be refused for other reasons, such as: - Products are out-of-stock
- An authorized payment is unattainable
- The order is fraudulent

If there are problems with an order, the client will be contacted in a timely fashion. and has the discretion to modify the product prices at any time and without notice.

Each review inserted by a client in our shop can be used for promotional purposes. if the client indicated his surname, we will delete it before starting a promotion (sharing on Facebook, newsletter,...)


All prices indicated on the site include the sales taxes. The sale of the products are intended for the expressed client only, therefore their further commercialization is not permitted.

Return Policy (Money Back Guarantee)

The client has the right to annul all products purchased via the website* without penalty within 30 days of the purchase date, even if the products have been consumed or used. Communication, within the stated parameters, should occur via email to customer.service AT and include the order number.

The cost of return shipping of the goods to the sender are at the buyer’s expense, except for the first refund request**. This is the only expense the client must sustain. If the purchase was made through Paypal, the cost of Paypal’s commission will be at the client’s expense and deducted from the reimbursement received. We advise clients to send the products via registered mail with a receipt of return. or will reimburse the sum paid by the consumer (minus shipping costs) within 15 days of the date on which received the returned merchandise.

Generally, a reimbursement happens in 7 days. To clarify, the client wishing to return purchased merchandise can do so by returning it within 30 working days of purchase to our warehouse in the Netherlands. guarantee the maximum quality of its products and services. If the client abuses the return policy by repeatedly requesting refunds or by making dubious refund requests, or have the right to refuse the refund. 

*Except for those specified in the product description.
** The shipping costs of one order per client account is compensated with a 8,90 euro gift coupon.

Legal Jurisdiction:

Spanish law regulates the Contract. Any controversy relative to application, execution, interpretation and violation of the Contract will be under the jurisdiction of the Court of Las Palmas, Spain.


Supplement Precautions

In cases of prolonged use (over 6-8 weeks) it is necessary to consult a doctor. Do not use the product when suffering from a liver or kidney disease, while pregnant or under age of 12 without consultation with a doctor. The dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balance diet. Keep away from children under 3 years of age. Keep in a cool, dry place.

A proper diet consists of an adequate and varied combination of foods that can fulfill daily nutritional requirements of all population groups. The use of dietary supplements and health products can help top up the insufficient nutritional value some food portions or favor the physiological well being of an organism. The benefits of supplement cannot be successful or considered a correction for poor dietary habits.

We would like to highlight that the term “natural” does not in itself guarantee safe use or favorable effects because, as noted, not all natural product have beneficial properties. For the purpose of weight loss, the eventual use of supplements can only have an enhancing effect of a low-calorie diet. It is beneficial to compliment a reduced intake of calories with increased daily physical activity, abandoning a sedentary lifestyle. Furthermore it should be mentioned, with a lower caloric intake, one’s metabolism also slows. In circumstances of obesity, qualified professional care is required.

The use of dietary products destine expressly for athletes must respond to reasonable criteria for contributing to the support of bodily physiological needs in terms of nutrition. Nutritional supplement in excessive quantity, i.e. that exceeding the effective bodily requirements especially when taken over an unnecessarily and unsuitably prolonged period, do not provide physical nor performance benefits and result in an overload needing assimilation. Before using, in any case, it is best to read attentively the product labels to verify the contents, to not exceed the indicated doses and to respect any warnings.

* The FDA nor the Ministry of Health have evaluated the product description declarations found on the products on sale. This product is not intended for diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing any disease. reserves the right to modify, whatever aspect and without any notice, the content of the website and to modify or suspend temporarily or permanently the services offered. In addition, we reserve the right to modify at any moment the information present on this page. Fitopets S.L.U., as the owner of the website, does not assume any direct or indirect responsibility for the news or information contained on the website nor for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. For no motivation or reason may the responsibility for the use of the information contained on this website be attributed to the aforementioned owners, company, Webmaster or collaborators.