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Pure Radiance C (powder)

perfectly balanced for max absorption;

100% rich of natural and genuine sources of vitamin C;

contains a lot of phytonutrients;

gentle with your stomach;

in powder.

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Product Description

What do customers like best about Pure Radiance C (powder)


Reviewed on 4/26/2016
good. It dissolves well in water and has a good taste. I take it 3 times a day and I have to say I feel more energetic since I take it. Highly recommended.

Versatile and convenient

Reviewed on 9/7/2015
The powder version of Pure Radiance C is preferable.
Apart from the financial convenience it also allows to optimize each individual serving according to the individual needs.


Reviewed on 1/9/2015
Really extraordinary product !!!! I used to get colds and sore throats ; since taking Pure Radiance C everything is gone within 2/3 days !!!
Same thing happened to my girlfriend !!!! Thanks Fitoplus

Product description

Due to various EU regulations it is prohibited for us and all other ecommerce supplement shops to make any claims that the products we sell actually offer many health benefits without side effects. Many of our customers are aware of these supplements and are happy to come back to us regularly for the products that have helped them heal, detox or achieve superior well-being. The positive side about these legislations is it obliges you to research the product or the ingredients, helping you make a more responsible and clear decision. However, as internet is an information jungle, it might be difficult to create an objective view on a product and you might occur in wasting a lot of time. In such cases, feel free to ask us for advice.

We at Fitoplus are passionately committed to bring you the purest and most efficient health supporting products, also thanks to years of experiences gained through offering free Naturopath consultings to our clients. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy researching the products further.

If you want more detailed information about this product, please search over the web for the manufacturers official page by inserting "Synergy Company Pure Radiance C (powder)" or contact our customer service.

All product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or by the Ministry of Health.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Additional Information


650mg three times per day (one quarter teaspoon) to be taken preferably with a meal. The package contains about 180 doses.


Test for correct dosage:
Several hours are required for test completion. Plan to have close access to the bathroom throughout testing. It is easier to do the test with the powdered form of Pure Radiance C. The below dosages are adapted for Pure Radiance C, not for ascrobic acid.

Start the dose on an empty stomach. Start taking 1/4 tsp of Vit C powder diluted in water or juice, every 15 minutes. If after 4-5 doses there is no diarrhea, start taking 1/2 tsp of Vit C powder. When you have repetitive loose bowel movements, your intestines are signaling that they have reached a critical tolerance level of Vit C absorption. Give your body a rest for a few days. You cannot overdose with vit C because diarrea is our natural way to avoid it.

For the next week or so you will need to take 75% of the achieved dose per day, in divided doses. For example, if you began running to the bathroom after taking 10,000mg Vit C, then your daily dose for the next week should be 7500mg/day divided into 3 doses making it 2500mg/dose.
You may need to repeat the Vit C flush test weekly or every other week. In due time your tolerance will decrease and you will require less dosage.



Selection and Mission Statement

Fitoplus Selection and Mission Statement:

We strive to offer only the best of the best products worldwide. Most online shops always state the same:”We have the best, most natural products!”, so what makes us different?

Please check our Beyond Natural Fitoplus Selection Standard:

1) our selection of supplements are searched and verified by our Naturopaths, which are the most appassionate professionals in natural and organic ingredients. Naturopaths love herbs and whatever no side effect treatments Mother Nature has to offer. They study ingredients with passion. It’s connnected with their life mission, with their soul, therefore it’s effortless and not money driven.

2) We only choose brands that have high ethic values, which invest a lot in research and in sourcing the purest ingredients. We also have our ways of “verifying” the company owner or director – if he/she has whatever attitude we do not feel in alignment with our core values, we will not sell his products, even if they are very good. We believe that every aspect of a company is an extension of the people who own it and who manage it, therefore also the products.

3) we avoid as much as possible any synthetic ingredient that can be harmful or toxic to our bodies. We sell products free of GMOs, synthetic substances, gluten, dairy, conservatives, stimulants, additives, synthetics perfumes, and animal testing. 99% of our products are truly natural.

In very few cases we allow, for example, a flowing agent called magnesium stearate which is present in many supplements, and is considered generally safe, when it’s not. Magnesium stearate is frequently made with low quality vegetable oils (it’s cheaper) which can be loaded with heavy metals. When we do rarely accept such product in our Fitoplus Selection, it is because at this moment, we cannot find worldwide a better alternative. Better for us doesn’t mean only more natural, but it also has to produce results.

When we sell a product with magnesium stearate, we ask the manufacturer the heavy metal lab analysis of the vegetable oils they use to produce magnesium stearate. If it is ok, we accept the product – this is how far we go to ensure safety to our clients.

4) we obviously cannot check personally the ingredients and the production processes of all facilities worldwide, but instead we do choose brands with GMP (Good Manufacturing Policy) certification or HACCP certification, which guarantees maximum safety and quality. Where GMP certification is not necessary, we request the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets).

5) we always verify how does the manufacturer extract the ingredient, what is the technological process he uses, because it can downgrade the ingredient or considerably enhance it. The final result is the rate of cellular absorption of the ingredient. Everything depends on whether your cells can access and use the supplements you take, and at what percentage. If your absorption rate is low, you are literally throwing away your money through the window. We passionately focus on offering products with the highest possible absorption rate at a cellular level. 

6) we constantly verify the market in search of new products which could be superior than the ones we already sell. When we do, we frequently switch to the new product, letting go of the previous one, even if we were selling it well. That is how badly we want to offer only the best of the best, at the cost of even losing some clients, because not everyone likes changing to a new and better solution, even if vastly superior.

Another reason why we do this is because we want to minimize your “stress of choice”. Choosing between five liver cleanse products is more time consuming, than choosing the only one available. When you see that one and only product for a symptom or discomfort, you already know you’re choosing the best, and no extra search and evaluation is needed, even though we always encourage it. 

7) our Fitoplus Selection is not based on trends, but on our experience we build through our free Naturopath Consultings Service. We only sell products we personally use and that we suggest to our clients, who are people. And people are not numbers.